New Slate

Hello anyone who may be reading. It has been a long time since I created a post. I admit, the difficulties of creating a blog whilst being in the horrible throes of schizophrenia was very difficult, and not all of my posts may have been understandable, or even readable. I am doing a lot better now.

The voices are quiet, so quiet I don’t even notice them unless I am waking up or going to sleep, as that is when my medication is waning in strength and time for a new dosage. It is quite plainly, heaven. It’s like looking in a lost mirror again, a mirror that shows my youth. Sadly, I will never have the time back schizophrenia and depression stole from me. But it could be worse. I may not have a life that I could continue living without the understanding of friends and family, and my exceptional doctors. The best doctor I had has been a nurse practitioner, and a few therapists.

Anyway I feel like I’m droning on. If you are struggling with voices, delusions, or anything supernaturally schizophrenic, as schizophrenia strangely warps your perceptions to belief in the supernatural, just sit back and drink from my lost madman’s cup. Or if you’re just interested in schizophrenia, here is a perfect place to start.  A perfect place to begin in experiencing the monster known only as schizophrenia.

I will be writing more from now on, so keep notified, although I am consumed with other projects of late. I hope to enlighten, inspire, and interest. So just have fun and read how the Eagle almost fell off the cliff, but flew instead.


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